A Moment of Silence for These Abandoned Fukushima Cars

Since it is already 5 years ago. Have you ever thought about the many cars that must have been abandoned in the radio active Fukushima area? Seeing these pictures below makes me realise that not only human lives we’re ripped apart but also some human-car relationships. I mean, we all know that cars are more than just a heap of metal, so imagine what it would be like if you suddenly had to leave your beloved build behind, the one you had been working on for years, because that very metal was becoming increasingly radio active.

Therefore I would like to ask a minute of silence in honour of our JDM brothers and sisters and the cars they had to leave behind, not excluding of course the hundreds of cars that had been waiting at dealerships for a new owner that would wash and polish them, take them to meetings and fit them with new parts as that will probably never happen  🙁

At the very least, google has made it possible to visit the site of the tragedy so we can see with our own eyes the many cars that have been left behind. Also a big shoutout to Juicebox for doing a good job sorting through the google streetview imagery to find these JDM jewels.

Just looking at these Evos, 350z’s, S2000s, Skylines, Supras, 300ZX’s, AE86’s, Silvia’s and many more will make you cry like a leaky radiator. And this is just what we can see on the streets, imagine the cars we can’t see! It makes you want to go out and drive your car this instant or give it a good service.


For more pictures check out Juiceboxforyou.com


chasefukumarkII datsunabandones er34fuku ffukugrowth fourdoor32fuku fuku-evo fuku300zx fuku350z FUKUABANDONEDGC10 fukuae861  fukumarkII fukurx7dragg fukusilvia fukusubaru

Streetpower 2016

As with every big event, it always starts with a small pre-meet for everybody who got up on time.
This year our group was even bigger with ofcourse Alex being late…
Special addition to our group was a friend from Lex with the stance coupe. He brought Lars who was kind enough to take pictures throughout the day.

So at the local gasstation near Circuit Zandvoort, you can imagine that we were not the only cars to stop before attending the event.
This UK civic was competing in the dragracing shootout due to the markings on his window.

Also Laurens had his Integra Type-r MOT’d and roadlegal again for 2 weeks and was a last minute entry to our group. Next to the repaint and some suspension upgrades, the car was back on the road without a few of new parts, which will be shown on Hondafest.

Laurens his co-passenger Thom Kwerreveld also shot some great footage and will be writing for San-toso this year.
Next to the stand with our cars, some of us were also competing in the dragracing event helt on saturday an sunday morning.
In the picture below you can see Calvin having some late-minute discussion with the rest.

Calvin entered with his B18 Turbo Coupe, Sidney ran his B18 all-motor civic coup and Lex was running his little DOCH D-series ED Hatch.

Next to our own cars, we also love to see the other cars people bring to race. One that stood out was this Toyota Corolla station, all caged’up with lexan windows. And also the little Toyota Glaza aka pocketrockets were fun to see racing.

The thing we have been seeing for the last couple of years is STANCE. Running camber with deep wheels used to look like a thing for the bigger lexus models but Civics are getting the hang of it like this yellow EK hatch and our own Lex with his “Blackprince”  Coupe with 10J wheels on the back.

For those who have missed 100% tuning last october, might have missed that our friendly belgium neighbours have a Liberty Walk kitted Nissan GTR, which looked way better in the bright sunlight from last sunday.

Ofcourse when you talk Nissan, you cannot love Jim his R33 GTR with upgraded brakes and Volk Racing Ce28N wheels. Jim again enjoyed him on the track the day before. Also 2 jewels of Datsun cars were present by the Kamikaze Speedshop.

Due the large amount of the pictures that Lars took, we won’t keep you from work any longer and continue our review of Automaxx Streetpower in the next week. Again, Thank you Lars for providing us with footage.

The 2016 season is here…

Season prep.

With only a few days left before the new dutch season is starting, we are busy with the preparation of a few cars for Automaxx Streetpower, this weekend in Zandvoort.

Cars are being worked on and of-course we are almost ready to fill up the new webshop with lots of new clothing and other stuff.
A few new pieces of our collection will be at the stand this Sunday, together with some cool cars.

Hope to see you there !


New features.

Yes we have been busy building cars and with busy times in the garage, features are not so often posted.
Honestly, we have not posted shit since august. So prepare for upcoming features.
Laurens will present a few pictures from his Easter weekend at the nurburgring. As seen in the preview above.

The webshop

As you might have noticed, our webshop is off the air. This due to some minor issues with suppliers and deciding to throw out the old stuff for sale and make new things available for you soon. The plan is to have the webshop up and running with new stuff in the new few weeks.