Cop Gives Drift Advice Instead of Ticket

This video shows a Cop giving advice on how to handle the car he just stopped. More cops like that please! Oh and a little advice from us to the cameraman: handle your phone as you would handle the car; Sideways.

BJ Baldwin – Recoil 2

Remember Ken Block and his DC/Monster Energy powered Gymkhana Movies? This BJ Baldwin video is a bit like that, but with more bumps ‘nd jumps. BJ Baldwin is a four time off-road champion, currently driving a 800 bhp trophy truck through Ensenada, Mexico trying to win the Monster Energy powered Bet between him and Dan Bilzerian. I can mumble more …

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The Kanjozoku

What is or who are the Kanjozoku? One of the best video’s to answer that question is the video below. The Osaka Loop is where friendships and rivalries are formed. It is the Kanjozoku’s automotive playground and the strong arm of the law is somewhat weaker there, as you can tell by the way the Kanjozoku treat the boys …

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Hondafest 2014

Last weekend was Hondafest, the 2nd time of this annual honda gathering by GT events.   Hondafest started as the plan of an Integra only meeting which grew to awesome size for all different models. Traffic port Venlo was yet again the venue.. Many clubs signed up to show their best. So we were part …

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