[Video] – Gerard Dol – The Nankang Year 2014

If you love drifting and watched the Dutch events of the past few years, you must have seen Gerard Dol and his red/white Nankang striped R33 Skyline. During the Summer he was in action almost every weekend, from VKV City racing towards several events at the known tracks like the Zandvoort and the Nurburgring. Gerard also attended the Essen Motorshow in december to give away a nice Demo.


Maarten from Comes Productions follows the drift scene closely and shot this awesome review of 2014.

Want to see more of Maarten his work ? Comes productions @ Vimeo
Visit Gerard his website at Gdol.nl

[Video] Tuerck’d @ Aussie Drift Matsuri

We at San-Toso are a big fan of the different aspects of Japanese automotive culture. One of them is drifting.

If you say drifting, we think you can recall terms like Formula D, D1GP and you might have heared of Ryan Tuerck.
Ryan is competing in the Formula D series since 2007 and won several round. Next to his official FRS drift car, he is all over the world together with the guys from NetworkA.

Currently we are midways season 3 of “Tuerck’d”  and Ryan visited the Australian Drift Matsuri where he got behind the wheel of an R31 Skyline.
Enjoy and subscribe to Network A’s channel for more awesome footage.