GTA 5 – Kanjo Edition

So what do you do in your free time when you are not working on your car or driving in it? You probably play videogames, or browse the web for car porn or parts right?

The title of this post may be a little misleading for those of you hoping for a real “GTA 5 – Kanjo edition” (sorry to disappoint), but who says you can’t kanjo in Liberty City? We thought the same thing and found this video of a Kanjo meet in GTA 5. Haha! Although it shouldn’t be taken too seriously of course, we thought it was too funny not to share and to be honest, these guys do a pretty decent job imitating a real car meet in Grand Theft Auto.

Open hoods, kanjo masks, hangin’ out, racing, washing cars (although usually the car wash is avoided), terrorising the highway and scaring the living daylights out of pedestrians… Not bad!

Unfortunatly we don’t see a whole lot of old civics, even though the ‘CRX’ is back in the PS4/Xbox One version, so maybe we should tell Rockstar to put those into the next GTA?

HCN Meeting in September

Sometimes you forget you have photos from an event and you kinda not post them online.
This happens when some people take pictures and other people update the blog 😉

So here is a small flashback to the HCN meeting in the Meern, September this year.
Alex and a few others from the crew went to the meeting, starting with Ronnie his shuttle above.


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The Kanjozoku

What is or who are the Kanjozoku? One of the best video’s to answer that question is the video below.

The Osaka Loop is where friendships and rivalries are formed. It is the Kanjozoku’s automotive playground and the strong arm of the law is somewhat weaker there, as you can tell by the way the Kanjozoku treat the boys in blue.

The Kanjozoku hunt like a pack of wolves. Individual identities dissolve behind masks and removed license plates. It is for that reason too that the Jason Mask has become such an icon for the Kanjozoku. When these racers race the loop, they become something else. They become one like a true automotive family. Only then can you stand strong.

The Honda Civic is their primary (but not their only) weapon of choice and it is undeniably connected with the Kanjo (and JDM) culture. The nimble, cheap, reliable and fast little racing machines are suited perfectly for weaving through traffic. The car is responsive and handles and stops very well. But hey, I’m sure you already know that 😉

Enjoy the infamous Kanjo racers from Osaka, Shot by Bowl Films & Stickydilljoe