[Video] – Gerard Dol – The Nankang Year 2014

If you love drifting and watched the Dutch events of the past few years, you must have seen Gerard Dol and his red/white Nankang striped R33 Skyline. During the Summer he was in action almost every weekend, from VKV City racing towards several events at the known tracks like the Zandvoort and the Nurburgring. Gerard also attended the Essen Motorshow in december to give away a nice Demo.


Maarten from Comes Productions follows the drift scene closely and shot this awesome review of 2014.

Want to see more of Maarten his work ? Comes productions @ Vimeo
Visit Gerard his website at Gdol.nl

Time Attack Part1

So the first event is already a 2 weeks ago and finally we had time to process a few Time Attack Pictures.
During the winter everybody was working hard to improve their cars and be ready for the first event.

Our webdesigner/Photographer Laurens was trackside and can provide us with a few close-ups from the track action.
First the Nissan Primera from Maarten Kok and also our close friend Junior was in the Semi Pro Street class active with his Honda MB 1.5 Vtec

Last year we’ve already seen Arnold vd Pol drive around with the Full Car Tuning racing colours but this time two other cars joined the ranks as being a Full Car Tuning Time Attack car. The Toyota Chaser and Nissan S14 were competing in the Pro Street class and one of them managed to get to the finals.

Sjors Botermans was one of the many Honda Civic being used during Time Attack and we hope to see more from him this season.

And we would like to finish this first part with yet another picture of Junior while he chases a Honda Civic EK.

Automaxx Streetpower 2014

Last sunday was the first big event of the year.
Automaxx Streetpower at the local track of Zandvoort.


Our first event as San-Toso crew and the organisation was so kind to let us do the Carlimbo.
Also their were many racers back on track with their cars for the Time Attack.


As we prayed to the cargods in the morning, they decided to answer our praying with a day full of sun.
More pictures of the Time Attack side will be uploaded this week by our webdesigner and photographer Laurens.
For now, please enjoy the pics of Pim, one of our graphical designers !



See you during Speed in Rosmalen !