Honda Euro Meet 2016

Since the first Honda Euro Meet at Full Car Tuning in Holland, August has always been on our mind in regards to the annual Honda Euro Meet in France. Adrien and the french crew has been organising this event this year for the 7th time. HEM#7 took place during the last weekend of august.

Our group has been growing every year and also this year we brought a few refreshing cars and ofcourse we had small issues on our way to the event in France. Robin his trailer decided that it loved to be a 3 wheeler and Mitch his shifter robs found it was time to not be connected to the gearbox anymore. So leaving Leiden at 11:00 and a few hours laters, we set up camp in a largely created dutch area together with groups from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and our friends from No Mercy Racing. In the weeks before the event it was clear that the civic was not ready with its fresh engine to take the jourly to France, but Laurens with his Integra was kind enough bring myself to France as well.

The first night was a cold one, but the first BBQ’s were lit and we had fun in our own little part of the event. The next day even more of our friends arrived and the sun set to make the day very, very hot. The best part about this event is the track part in combination with the many people showing off their Honda’s. During the day you hear the loud exhaust from Dseries plus the high rpm vtec engines. Only later on the day, ┬áit weather allowed it to really walk around and take pictures of all the new cars out there.

Ofcourse we brought our Carlimbo and together with the HEM crew we were able to put together enjoyment for all during the hot day.

In the coming day we will post even more pictures from the carlimbo and other honda’s spotted during the event.

Support from Spain

The best part about being in the car scene is, that you can make new friends all over the world. This all due to the fact of social media. Our FB page got the attention of San en Marti from Barcelona, Spain.

And as a result, we are able to share these few pictures of Marti and San showing of their received San Toso products in spain. Together with their cars.

San drives the Spoon themed EK.

Marti himself drives a red little rocket, in form of an ED Civic.

If you bought our products and have some pictures with your cars or anything, feel free to sent them to our facebook page.

For now, we’re off to MIVW and some well deserved holiday time.