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A Moment of Silence for These Abandoned Fukushima Cars

Since it is already 5 years ago. Have you ever thought about the many cars that must have been abandoned in the radio active Fukushima area? Seeing these pictures below makes me realise that not only human lives we’re ripped apart but also some human-car relationships. I mean, we all know that cars are more than just a heap of metal, so imagine what it would be like if you suddenly had to leave your beloved build behind, the one you had been working on for years, because that very metal was becoming increasingly radio active.

Therefore I would like to ask a minute of silence in honour of our JDM brothers and sisters and the cars they had to leave behind, not excluding of course the hundreds of cars that had been waiting at dealerships for a new owner that would wash and polish them, take them to meetings and fit them with new parts as that will probably never happen  🙁

At the very least, google has made it possible to visit the site of the tragedy so we can see with our own eyes the many cars that have been left behind. Also a big shoutout to Juicebox for doing a good job sorting through the google streetview imagery to find these JDM jewels.

Just looking at these Evos, 350z’s, S2000s, Skylines, Supras, 300ZX’s, AE86’s, Silvia’s and many more will make you cry like a leaky radiator. And this is just what we can see on the streets, imagine the cars we can’t see! It makes you want to go out and drive your car this instant or give it a good service.


For more pictures check out Juiceboxforyou.com


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