HCN Meeting in September

Sometimes you forget you have photos from an event and you kinda not post them online.
This happens when some people take pictures and other people update the blog 😉

So here is a small flashback to the HCN meeting in the Meern, September this year.
Alex and a few others from the crew went to the meeting, starting with Ronnie his shuttle above.


The streetsweepers from Rotterdam also attended the meeting with a coupele of very nice cars.
For example, this CRX just looks clean as F*ck. Oem colour, a set of slipstreams and some bride seats.

Together with a half rollcage in the car, this makes the perfect weekend toy. Even if you just try to give it a kanjo look.

Speaking of Kanjo, this 4th gen Civic hits it right on all the checklists for the ultimate kanjo look.
The chargespeed spoiler together with the wheels and carbon hood and last but not least the Civic race number sheet.

And ofcourse Arnold his B16 powered ED 4door. did we already say that White looks good on 4th gen honda’s ?

Last but not least, Benci is always with us to steel the show and the hearts of many.