Impossible is Nothing: Man Builds F1 Car In Shed

You might be thinking that it is impossible to build a full scale Formula Race Car yourself or at least that it will set you back a few hundred thousand $/€/£, but this Honda BAR F1 replica has been built using just £8,000. Kevin Thomas used that money to hand built his version in a specially designed shed, using parts sourced on eBay and swapped with fellow F1 memorabilia collectors.

f1shed Full Size Formula 1 Car Replica In Brighton


With no engineering experience or formal training, or even a manual or guide, it took Kevin Thomas 4 years to build the replica. Tiny disappointing detail; it doesn’t have an engine.

Kevin: ‘I have got it to the point now where I can pretty much get it rolling, but you could not drive it.

‘The wishbones would probably snap on the first bend. In the next year or two, when I can find more of the correct parts, and some spares, I will get it properly rolling.”

Kevin hopes to locate the engine within the next few years.

Still, this is somewhat of an achievement. So if anything, let this inspire you to finish your own build!

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