Interview – Pim, Graffiti artist

This year we try to interview people from the various scenes we like so that we can give you a little inside info into their life and how they see the world. We would like to kick-off with Pim, a designer by day and graffiti artist by night & weekend.

When did you start spraying Graffiti ?

During high school I started drawing in school notebooks. Later on you buy Edding markers and the walls replace the notebooks. I started because i saw drawing everywhere I looked. This is all about 8 years ago. I got spray cans on my birthday and started working with them and never looked back.

Whats the best thing behind setting a piece ? And which emotions are you trying to achieve by setting a piece.

I usually chose an image which i would like to see on a wall. The characters from Iron Maiden always look good when they are painted on a wall.
Also I like to try 3D pieces. When I’m setting a piece it interest people who walk by. Some people start a conversation about the piece, which I see as al little appreciation. I also do this to express my creativity and the best part is working on a wall together with other artists.
If you look back on your work, I believe it gives me a certain feeling of freedom. You’re the artist, you can create what you want.

Where do you set your art ?

Anywhere I can go in our little dutch country. Most of the times, I meet up with other artist on the “Hall of Fame” walls. These are places where you can legally set a piece. One of these locations is in Maarssen, where I arranged that it can be done legally. I end up being there at 9 in the morning to create a even grey all where we can start over. I also love the abandoned building where your piece can add to the whole “Urban” look.
Sometime people would like to have a piece in their bedroom or office building. These jobs I do accept and try to make sure the people get what they had in mind.

What kind of pieces do you create ?

Characters are my favorite pieces do set. Most of the Iron Maiden artwork have been done by myself and I did built a nice portofolio during the years.
I am really proud of my “Pirate” piece which I placed in the Hall of Fame in Koog aan de Zaan. And afterall, when you into it, you’re into it untill you die.

So besides these “hall of fames”, do you also go to the “illegal” spots ?

I used to do this in the past, but work and other things I enjoy are not worth the effort to get caught.
The itch still there, but i find ways to ignore those.

Is there a story behind every piece ?

Most of my artworks have a story, which you try to deliver with a small note of text next to the piece. But in some cases, its just the piece itself and people can let their mind go free to find the story behind it.

What would you think of a place near the trainstation in Utrecht ?

It would be really cool to have place near the trainstation. It would give even more people a way to express their art and hopefully it will allow other people to accept the work and art which is being made.

Final question, how long have you been doing this ?

The Graffiti art itself, for the last 8 years.