Random Streetart

While walking around your own town by night, you can be inspired by the streetart and other beautiful scenery you can see.
If this would be a train underpass or the view of the station, especially with the correct ligth and shutter time, this can give you awesome pictures.

And when you are running round in the night with friends, what more can you wish for a stanced out civic coupe shining like a diamond in the night.
Soon more about lex his Coupe but here is one of the night pictures.

Movie Premieres in style

We love movies, especially when cars are involved.
Here is a small flashback to the Fast 7 premiere in Holland.

Together with Dimer and Gerard we saw the movie and parked the cars in style.
Having a couple of NSX’s and driftcars is always fun.


Hondafest 2015 – Part 1

After a successfull Hondafest last year we were really looking out for this years edition.
Ofcourse our idea of leaving early in the morning got busted and we took off a bit late…

Upon arrival, we already spotted a lot of UK cars. As example this beautiful facelift EK9 including first molding front lip.
This year also parked our MB civic with a few others cars from our Team Hazardouz. And then… it was time to wonder off, meet our friends and see what Hondafest brought us for nice cars this year.

First of all, we’d like to start of with this Clean EG hatch. The simplicty of a clean and low car catches our hearts.
Ofcourse the additional stickers and window visors add a little something, but we really liked this car.

This 3rd gen looks stunning with the Mugen MR5 wheels, taped headlights an extra rear wing.

The DC5 Integra model is always good to see in different styles.
We like the racecar look with the Mugen wing but also a slammed version on airride looked really good.

While we review the Integra’s, we can’t leave out the large amount of DC2’s that attended.
yet again showing different styles. like the black version with an X-bar.

Or just a nice EDM example with canards and carbon front lip.

But one of the best looking Integra’s on the event was this german Phoenix Yellow DC2 with JDM front end incl. Spoon front lip

To end the first part, here are our friends from Lifestyle INC BBQ’ing with the Daily Civic from SJ!

Preview – IHM Asten

Last sunday was the International Honda Meeting in Asten.
Since Alex was busy taking so many pictures and socializing, here is already a preview of Junior Willems on the way back.
You will be seeing more and more of this car during this season.

Rolling shot