The 2016 season is here…

Season prep.

With only a few days left before the new dutch season is starting, we are busy with the preparation of a few cars for Automaxx Streetpower, this weekend in Zandvoort.

Cars are being worked on and of-course we are almost ready to fill up the new webshop with lots of new clothing and other stuff.
A few new pieces of our collection will be at the stand this Sunday, together with some cool cars.

Hope to see you there !


New features.

Yes we have been busy building cars and with busy times in the garage, features are not so often posted.
Honestly, we have not posted shit since august. So prepare for upcoming features.
Laurens will present a few pictures from his Easter weekend at the nurburgring. As seen in the preview above.

The webshop

As you might have noticed, our webshop is off the air. This due to some minor issues with suppliers and deciding to throw out the old stuff for sale and make new things available for you soon. The plan is to have the webshop up and running with new stuff in the new few weeks.


Random Streetart

While walking around your own town by night, you can be inspired by the streetart and other beautiful scenery you can see.
If this would be a train underpass or the view of the station, especially with the correct ligth and shutter time, this can give you awesome pictures.

And when you are running round in the night with friends, what more can you wish for a stanced out civic coupe shining like a diamond in the night.
Soon more about lex his Coupe but here is one of the night pictures.

Movie Premieres in style

We love movies, especially when cars are involved.
Here is a small flashback to the Fast 7 premiere in Holland.

Together with Dimer and Gerard we saw the movie and parked the cars in style.
Having a couple of NSX’s and driftcars is always fun.