Impossible is Nothing: Man Builds F1 Car In Shed

You might be thinking that it is impossible to build a full scale Formula Race Car yourself or at least that it will set you back a few hundred thousand $/€/£, but this Honda BAR F1 replica has been built using just £8,000. Kevin Thomas used that money to hand built his version in a specially designed shed, using parts sourced on eBay and swapped with fellow F1 memorabilia collectors.

f1shed Full Size Formula 1 Car Replica In Brighton


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BJ Baldwin – Recoil 2

Remember Ken Block and his DC/Monster Energy powered Gymkhana Movies?
This BJ Baldwin video is a bit like that, but with more bumps ‘nd jumps. BJ Baldwin is a four time off-road champion, currently driving a 800 bhp trophy truck through Ensenada, Mexico trying to win the Monster Energy powered Bet between him and Dan Bilzerian.

I can mumble more about how awesome the guy and a trophy truck is, but it’s better for me to shut up and for you to enjoy the video below…

The Kanjozoku

What is or who are the Kanjozoku? One of the best video’s to answer that question is the video below.

The Osaka Loop is where friendships and rivalries are formed. It is the Kanjozoku’s automotive playground and the strong arm of the law is somewhat weaker there, as you can tell by the way the Kanjozoku treat the boys in blue.

The Kanjozoku hunt like a pack of wolves. Individual identities dissolve behind masks and removed license plates. It is for that reason too that the Jason Mask has become such an icon for the Kanjozoku. When these racers race the loop, they become something else. They become one like a true automotive family. Only then can you stand strong.

The Honda Civic is their primary (but not their only) weapon of choice and it is undeniably connected with the Kanjo (and JDM) culture. The nimble, cheap, reliable and fast little racing machines are suited perfectly for weaving through traffic. The car is responsive and handles and stops very well. But hey, I’m sure you already know that 😉

Enjoy the infamous Kanjo racers from Osaka, Shot by Bowl Films & Stickydilljoe

Hondafest 2014

Last weekend was Hondafest, the 2nd time of this annual honda gathering by GT events.


Hondafest started as the plan of an Integra only meeting which grew to awesome size for all different models.
Traffic port Venlo was yet again the venue.. Many clubs signed up to show their best. So we were part of it together with our friends from the NSX club, Lifestyle-Inc & EK Garage.

Our weekend already started at saturday to prepare the coupe brothers, Mitch his newly accuired 4door and Jeff in his anonymous MB Civic. Many of our friends had a long day and short night before the event, but that was all worth it. So many people showed their rare parts or cars which you don’t see any day.
Elio decided to finally rock his Greddy front lip, a shame that it only stayed in one piece for only a couple of hours.
But still an awesome view to see together with the Bomex wing, Kanjo styled grill and Japan racing wheels provided by Full Car Tuning for their Time Attack machine, which was rolling on its daily 16″ Compomotive wheels to get some more ground clearance…

If you scream Honda in holland, you must be talking about Dick. Who after owning a beautiful CRX asked his girlfriend to marry him in this tiny Honda Beat.

It’s a shame we are not allowed to have custom plates in our little country. This dude from the UK made sure you were aware of his engine swapped EG hatch. So to say “Clean car, but K20 BTW ?”

Just like last year, one of the guys from ICB living in germany decided to come out in his awesome authentic equipped 4door EK

Things you also won’t see any day in our little country are the following, A Honda Ruckus and a bunch of supercars made by honda. The NSX club europe ended their weekend roadtrip with a visit to Hondafest.

Unfortunately our close friend Dimer could not bring his wide-body Time Attack NSX, but showed up in his moms S2000 together with his buddy Jeroen. When the car will be finally running, hopefully we can show you some in car footage and a separate review.

Davinder from Endless Horizon Motorsport also attended Hondafest with his Turbo’d Jordan.
This car is a stunning example of how people built their cars in the UK. One of our photographers will be going to the 6TWO1 Impact event in June so we can show you some more pics of the hondascene in the UK.

And how can we forget MR. EK garage himself with his facelift blue wrapped EK9, Together with another EK9 on 16×7 TE37’s

With Honda on our mind and the many different models of the civic, how can we forget the S2000.
They also showed up in large numbers but last year they were more packed together..

Next to the wet track experience and the handling course powered by Ultra Racing, there was also a portable Dyno so people can have their dicks measured. One girl did it for the power due to the lack of…
This year you will be seeing more of Lisette and her Turbo Civic.

And for now ? We’re off to the garage to prepare our cars and sort out the new line-up of honda minded clothing for next weekends Japfest. Shirts will be available in our shop the week after Japfest.


See ya!

The carlimbo @ Japfest

On the 25th of May is it time for Japfest or how we used to call it “Japans autosport festival”

Not only will there be nice cars, Time Attack, 1/4 mile sprints but also our very own Carlimbo.

So do you think you have what it takes to be the lowest, enlist now.

Download the form, fill it in and bring it to our stand at Japfest !