The New Honda NSX

Yesterday was the day we have all been waiting for.
The yearly carshow in Detroit showed us the new Honda NSX.



A prototype was already shown in Detroit in 2012 and last October the car was spotted at the infamous Nurburgring doing some laps.
Usually new sports cars are being spotted there and a few months later we can show the real deal.


While the car was revealed, it was clear that only one thing is the same about the nsx in the past 25 years. The V6 RWD engine placed in the back of the car.
In the last 2 models, this was a 3 or 3.2 liter V6 place across the car and now we  have a “in line” V6 with 2 added turbochargers and a few small battery pack.


This combination according to the US specs should provide us with a little over 550 BHP. Also they decided that the car will be build in the Ohio plant with an Acura badge.
But our european version will be branded “Honda”


If you want one, you should be able to order them during the summer at your local dealership and deliveries are being scheduled for the end of the year.